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Jun 10, 2012 | What is Go4Israel? | 0 comments


Dear Colleagues, Investors and Friends,

A  warm welcome to the 11th annual Go4Europe Business Conference. With strong historic Israel-Europe roots, Catalyst has invested significant efforts in building out our platform in key emerging markets. This provides us with distinct and powerful capabilities and exciting new potential for our portfolio companies. The forward looking network of strategic investors and partners we have developed, particularly in China, Russia and Latin America uniquely position Catalyst as more than just a valued financial investor, and serves an acute need of many growing Israeli companies today – i.e. the successful penetration and expansion into some of the largest and fastest growing markets globally. While clearly a value added avenue for material positive impact and accelerated growth for our portfolio companies, our capabilities also position our investors with potential for exceptional returns.

We hope you enjoy our exciting conference schedule and look forward to spending time with each of you.

Best regards,
Alain Dobkin
Managing Partner, Catalyst Funds


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