GoforIsrael 2016

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 “GoforIsrael – China-Israel Investment Summit

Shanghai, Tuesday, 20th of September 2016



Organized by Cukierman Yafo Capital and the Catalyst CEL Fund, the GoForIsrael 2016 is the 16th GoforIsrael to date, one of the most prestigious business conferences in Israel. It brings together a significant number of global investors, entrepreneurs, and international organizations.

The event focuses on Israeli businesses and their relationship to the ever growing interest of Chinese investors and companies in the Israeli technology boom. 

Our main sessions will focus on:

• Israeli Technology Investment and M&A involving China

• GoforChina – Israeli companies success stories and challenges

Our parallel sessions will focus on:

·       Industries – TMT and Social Sciences

•     The Image of Israel in China

In previous years, our conference welcomed several Heads of States, including previous Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and former French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Every year we count over 60 speakers and more than 1000 participants, a third of whom come especially from overseas; many of them are key decision makers and CEOs of prominent global companies.


Previous sponsors and speakers that participated in GoForIsrael come from leading investment and technology firms in Israel, Europe and China. CEOs, CFOs, Directors, managers and other key executives from renowned companies have been participants to this event.

This year in our event in China, major participants will include managers from Chinese public traded companies, funds, conglomerates, family offices, financial institutions and Israeli technology companies.

We look forward to seeing you in our event.

Go For Israel Team. 

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