GoforIsrael 2019 - Jinan, CHINA

The GoforIsrael China-Israel Investment Conference in Jinan, China was a huge success with 1,400 participants, over 100 Israeli companies, 1,000 Chinese investors and over 800 one on one meetings. The Israeli companies that appeared before the Chinese investors were well-established high-tech companies alongside young startups, all of them received tremendous interest; to name just a few of those present: Raft Technologies, Similarweb, InifinityAR USA, Urecsys, XJet, Playermaker, I Know First, CENS Materials, Creative IC3D, Parazero, Baseline Vision, Finnovest, Valcare, Curalife, HIL Applied Medical, Nutritional Growth Solutions, MobileODT, Raziel Therapeutics, OCON Healthcare and more.

LOCATION: Jinan, China
YEAR : 2019
PARTNERS : Cukierman & Co & Catalyst CEL Fund

GoforIsrael 2019 - Zurich, Switzerland

Held for the first time in Switzerland and dedicated to Life Sciences for the first time, the GoforIsrael @ Sachs European Life Sciences Conference was a major success with 250+ participants including 50 Israeli Life Sciences companies. Over 450 1:1 meetings were held during the conference between the Israeli companies and investors from around the world. The conference was organized by Cukierman & Co. Life Sciences and Sachs Associates.

LOCATION: Zurich, Switzerland
YEAR : 2019
PARTNERS : Cukierman & Co Life Sciences & Sachs Associates

GoforIsrael 2018 - Foshan, CHINA

The highlight of the conference in Foshan, China was the meetings between Israeli entrepreneurs and hundreds of Chinese investors including Alibaba executives, PingAn, Fosun, Sailing Capital, Haitong, GF Securities, and many funds, competing for their time and meetings with directors of Israeli companies. At the Conference in Foshan there were overall 1,200 participants, 100 Israeli companies, over 500 Chinese investors and over 800 one on one meetings.

LOCATION: Hong Kong & Foshan, China
YEAR : 2018
PARTNERS : Cukierman & Co & Catalyst CEL Fund

GoforIsrael 2018 - ISRAEL

After the huge success in China in 2016, we brought our conference back home, to Israel with an amazing outcome of over 1,000 participants including 300 guests from abroad. Ronnie Chan, Chairman of Hang Lung properties acted as Chairman of the Day.
YEAR : 2018
PARTNERS : Cukierman & Co. Investment House & Catalyst Funds

GoforIsrael 2016

Huge Success for Israeli High-Tech in China – more than 2800 participants in the GoforIsrael Conference, among them 1500 high quality investors. A long line of Chinese investors trailed at the entrance of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Shanghai to meet the Israeli start-up entrepreneurs attending the GoforIsrael, initiated by Catalyst Fund and Cukierman Investment House. The entrepreneurs themselves were surprised at the huge interest.

YEAR : 2016
PARTNERS : Cukierman & Co, Catalyst-fund, Catalyst CEL & Yafo Capital